Sorry, Ylastic – AWS Console is Here

January 9, 2009

100014192753_v46777512_I’ve been using Ylastic for quite some time – it’s a great web-based management tool for the Amazon Web Services.  But, just saw an email this morning from Amazon announcing the beta of their very own web-based management console!

First impressions are that it looks and feels very similar to Ylastic, but straight from the horses mouth (is tha a saying?  i think it is).  Even though I have some level of attachment and commitment to Ylastic, practicality says that I should be using Amazon’s console – especially since it’s free.  The only saving grace right now is that the AWS console supports EC2 – but Amazon promises support for it’s other services coming very soon.

Ouch!  I really hope Ylastic can come up with a way to differentiate itself from Amazon’s offering.  I hate to see when innovative and useful startups get obscured by one of the big boys without an M&A deal going down.

If you have an AWS account, you should be able to access your management console from here: