New Relic Menu Bar Performance Monitoring App

June 21, 2011

New Relic has quickly become an invaluable tool for monitoring performance of Key Ring for me. I found myself constantly checking the dashboard, partly for the graph, but mostly for the quick metrics at the top. Namely, I pay the most attention to requests-per-minute, response time, and errors.

Why keep a browser window dedicated to this? Fortunately, New Relic provides an API, so I whipped together a quick and dirty menu bars app to display the stuff I care about. Here’s what it looks like:

If you’d find this useful, feel free to download the app here.

Warning: The app is very simple. It prompts you for your New Relic API key and then loads your first Account and first Application. Perfect for my needs, but I’m open to suggestions. Do a lot of you have multiple accounts or applications? If so, I can add an account/application selector.

Update: I’ve added support for multiple accounts and applications. Get the new version here!

Feel free to contact me a brit at britg dot com with suggestions or feature requests!