IGF Pirate Kart Pack 1

October 29, 2011

If you’re unfamiliar with the IGF Pirate kart, it’s a neat collection of over 300 indie video games:

a FREE and LEGAL compilation of over 300 games by over 100 developers! It was put together at the last minute for entry into the 2012 Independent Games Festival Main Competition.

I’ll be honest, it’s pretty dense and the fun-to-meh ratio is pretty low, haha. But, there are a few games I’ve stumbled upon in there that have neat concepts or neat execution. Here’s a package of 4 that I thought were playable at least. Grab the full torrent if you want to check them all out, otherwise grab this pack:

IGF Pirate Kart Pack 1

Perhaps my favorite of the bunch is “A Friendship in 4 Colours” by Damian Sommer. I may try to cull a few more gems out of the pack if I can find the time. Enjoy!