Brit C Gardner

Software Engineer


10 years of software engineering experience ranging from web apps to RESTful APIs to games.
  • Shipped high-traffic products on both the front-end (HTML5, iOS) and back-end (Restful APIs, Queuing, Async Processing).
  • Production knowledge of server administration and database performance optimization.
  • Experience leading a small team of developers.



  • Ruby
  • Javascript (ES5 & ES2016+)
  • C#
  • Objective C
  • Swift
  • PHP


  • Backend - Ruby on Rails, Node.js
  • Frontend - iOS, HTML5, React, AJAX, Websockets
  • Datastores - MySQL, Memcached, Redis, MongoDB, Elastic Search
  • Devops - nginx, apache2, Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, Amazon Linux), Docker, Amazon Web Services
  • SCM - git
  • Games - Unity3D


Key Ring

Lead Engineer - Frontend (Web & iOS) and Backend API (Ruby on Rails)

2010 - present

Technical Lead for all engineering efforts for a popular, high traffic mobile app. Ship production code on the entire stack with a focus on our Ruby on Rails API.

  • Design and build the RESTful API with Ruby on Rails handling millions of requests per day
  • Design and build the robust management dashboard for operating all aspect of the App and API.
  • Implement caching and syncing strategies and performance optimization
  • Built the original iOS app
  • Integrate native-feeling web views into the mobile app with React
  • Provision and manage our infrastructure of 30+ servers on Amazon Web Services
  • Coordinate a small team of developers
  • First employee and first full-time developer

Figaro Interactive, LLC

Owner / Developer

2007 - 2010

Freelance and consulting work primarily building web applications.

Hobbies / Projects

Foolish Aggro Games

Hobby game development and design with HTML5 and Unity3D.

  • Design and develop web and mobile games as a hobby
  • Forgecraft - web-based pattern matching puzzle game
  • Pyroclasm - iOS (Unity3D) infinite runner
  • Mazing Run - iOS / Android (Unity3D) infinite maze runner


University of Texas at Austin

B.S. Mechanical Engineering

2001 - 2005


  • App API and Infrastructure
  • Latest Web Technologies
  • Game Design and Development
  • Cooking